I think it’s important to be knowledgeable. But if you assume that the information is infinite, you can see that people’s differences in knowledge get closer to zero (0 / x = 0) In this case, it is understood that to be have virtue and a clear horizon are more important  than knowledge. Actually, Knowledge presents two things to a person. The first is virtue, and the second is an opportunity. You get what you want to take more of these two things. If you choose the second option, you have the option. But I think it is necessary to choose the virtue of knowledge to go further. I think that before judgement of some opinion or thought, That thought should be look from the point of thinking. That’s what I call virtue in my life. I think  that there is never a certain  truth and there are always be a share of correct and incorrect of a thought. Therefore, I always make sure that I am not sure about my thoughts.  What I define as ignorance to myself is that my ideas never change or develop. Besides, I take care not to make concessions about what I know right and wrong, to live as I believe and think. 

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