I am an electronical engineer. I think this is only thing that I can say when someone asks who I am. Among 7 billion people in the world, I am just an ordinary person who gets up to go to work and goes back home without saving the world. In contrast, according to my friends, I am an idealist person. I have so many goals to achieve and think in the long run but I think I will die before I reach these goals. Nevertheless, I don't feel sorry about myself because sometimes I think about people who have no goals and dreams in their whole lives. Believe me , we should feel sorry about these people.

It is important to become a sophisticated person but if we consider that information available is infinite, we admit that differences the information of people approach to zero (x/∞=0). Basically, knowledge offers us two pills: horizon and possibility. We can choose whichever we want to. If we prefer to have the possibility, we cannot go beyond it. Instead, when we prefer to broaden our horizons, we would be able to make our lives meaningful though we may die as poor or powerless, Thus, I believe that we would feel as if we became immortal in this world.

I have a special interest in physics and math so I plan to earn my master's degree in quantum physics. My goals are to set up my own lab and to conduct experiments regarding super conducters and robotics. Besides, I enjoy playing games so much in my spare time but nowadays I don't have time for it. My life has become so monotonous which makes me unhappy.

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