My name is Yusuf. I develop embedded C / C ++ software. I have approximately 7 years experience in this field. I am currently working as an Experienced Software Development Engineer at AirTies Inc. I am very happy to be part of a development team. Here I am developing test automation tools that provide an easier evaluation interface of Routers and Modems for System Engineers. These applications are desktop applications that are usually written in C++ and integrated into laboratory equipment. My biggest project I ever develop is the device called FSO (Free Space Optic). FSO devices are basically a kind of router used in 4G and 5G networks. This router transfers internet packets via laser beam. The device we developed includes both Linux kernel level (low-level C) and Linux user space level (C++) software. The indoor and outdoor tests are currently being performed. For more information about the device, please visit the web page.(www.hyperiontechs.com)

Also, I developed Mac(Medium Access Control) Software for Lifi(Light – Fidelity) based communication devices. This Software are using 802.15.13 Optical Wireless Network Standart published by IEEE. And It is controlling the network with Slotted Aloha and Reservation Channel Access Mechanisms. I published a conference paper about analysing and optimi zing of that standard Software. Also, my master thesis was related with this subject. Besides, while I was doing a master’s degree, I was taking lessons that are relevant to my area of technical development.

I worked with software teams in previous companies. So I used software like Jira and Scrum. I know what it’s like to work in harmony with the software team. In this way, I was informed about software design patterns, C ++ standards and program writing rules. At the same time, I have knowledge about software security from the companies I have worked with before and from the courses I have taken at the graduate level.

I can find beauty and fascination in nearly anything. Imaginative and open-minded, I am not afraid to venture beyond my comfort zones in search of new ideas, experiences, and adventures.When something captures my imagination and inspires, I want to share it with anyone who will listen. And I am just as eager to hear other people’s ideas and opinions even if those thoughts are wildly different from mine. Also I brim with things to say, but I can be caring listeners as well. This gives me a nearly unmatched ability to have positive and enjoyable conversations with all sorts of people even people who aren’t particularly sociable or agreeable.