My name is Yusuf Bülbül. I develop embedded C / C ++ software. I have approximately 5 years experience in this field. I am currently working as an Software Engineer at “Hyperion Technologies ”. Here, we develop a device called FSO (Free Space Optic). FSO devices are basically a kind of router used in 4G and 5G networks. This router transfers internet packets via laser beam. The device we developed includes both Linux kernel level (low-level C) and Linux user space level (C++) software. The indoor and outdoor tests are currently being performed. For more information about the device, please visit our web page.(www.hyperiontechs.com)

Also, I am currently developing Mac(Medium Access Control) Software for Lifi(Light – Fidelity) based communication devices which we produce. This Software are using 802.15.13 Optical Wireless Network Standart published by IEEE. And It is controlling the network with Slotted Aloha and Reservation Channel Access Mechanisms.

I am studying master’s degree and also working full-time at the company. My thesis is about the Mac Software Implementation and Performance Analysis of the Mac Layer. Besides, while I am doing a master’s degree, I am taking lessons that are relevant to my area of technical development.

I worked with software teams in previous companies. So I used software like Jira and Scrum. I know what it’s like to work in harmony with the software team. In this way, I was informed about software design patterns, C ++ standards and program writing rules. At the same time, I have knowledge about software security from the companies I have worked with before and from the courses I have taken at the graduate level. I’ve written a lot of exploit(Hack) programs.

My purpose about my career is writing the software that will be inspire for every software developer, and also to come to position that I can forward the C++ world. Also My life purpose is the knowing every culture and to be full of love for every one. I think that, I can reach the virtue of my life with that way. Therefore, I want to work in different countries and know different people. I like to contribute and I publish source code of my hobby projects on github.

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